Justice for puppy abused in a car wash

By | June 14, 2017

The Best a woman was seen at a self-service car wash in West Hollywood, spraying a dog crate with the pressure washer that is intended for washing cars. The witness was horrified to see that the dog was still in the crate! It also appeared that his or her mouth may have been bound shut with electrical tape or something similar.

The are witness could see urine and feces flowing out of the crate with the soapy water that was being sprayed into it. He also said that the poor dog looked terrified. No surprise there.

He took several photos, and when he approached the woman to tell her that what she was doing was wrong, she continued to torture the poor dog with the car wash sprayer. Then she sprayed the witness.

Disgusting! This dog needs to be taken away from this woman right away. This is a matter of urgency, so please hurry!

Please sign this petition to urge the City of West Hollywood by Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control and SPCA-LA to take this puppy away from his or her abuser.

This puppy needs to be saved and put in a lovely home. That’s all.

source : http://www.thepetitionsite. com/594/031/317/puppy-abused-in-a-car-wash-by-netania-jordan-anderson-ca/

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